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Petroleum Data for Texas & New Mexico

The Subsurface Library, founded in 1962, is the premier petroleum data library for the Permian Basin, the largest oil and gas basin in the United States.

The Library's well log index, Amerada scout tickets and Kroenlein scout cards are searchable by location on our website

Our files contain both current and historical well data and include many unique and hard to find data sets that cannot be found anywhere else. 

The Library also has an office inside the Bureau of Economic Geology in Austin for access to statewide well data at the Texas Railroad Commission and the General Land Office.

      The Library's collection includes:

  • Over 1,000,000 Well Logs
  • Logs searchable online by location
  • Sample Logs & Sample Descriptions
  • Eight Historical Scout Ticket Collections
  • Marathon Oil Scout Ticket Collection NEW    
  • Midland Oil Scouts Association Scout Ticket Collection
  • Three Historical Scout Card Collections
  • Midland Map Company County Lease & Ownership Maps
  • Drilling Info Coverage for all 50 States      
  • IHS Enerdeq Production Data - Current & Historical
  • Geotech & Reproduction services inside our own 18,000' building
  • Reciprocity with 14 other Libraries in TX, NM, OK & CO
  • Statewide Well Data from the BEG, RRC & GLO

Serving the Permian Basin for 56 years

In & Out-of-Town Memberships Available

600 West Ohio Avenue - Midland, TX 79701
(432) 683-5588  or
Hours:  Monday - Friday  (8:00 - 5:00)